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[3 Sizes, 2 Designs] Yang Style Dao

[3 Sizes, 2 Designs] Yang Style Dao

122.90 USD

‖ Size: 26-inch: 100cm total length of the knife blade 71cm wide 3.7cm Blade thickness: 0.7CM

              28-inch: Length 106cm knife blade 77m wide 3.7cm Blade thickness: 0.7CM not open edge

‖ Blade material: stainless steel (practicing martial arts equipment, not the blade products)

‖ sheath material: rosewood

‖ harness: copper loaded with

‖ process: for the by BuyNsave"> hand bag loaded with copper 
              sheath of finest rosewood (valuable timber)

‖ Other: handmade products some errors, data for reference only, mainly in kind!


This product has a (26-inch 28-inch 30-inch)

‖ Reference dimensions : 26 inches for height range 1.50-1.65 meters. 28 inch suitable range 1.65-1.78 meters tall. 30-inch range for more than 1.78 meters. Specific depends on their practice habits, and height requirements to be, this data is for informational purposes only!

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