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Black Wood Qi Jian

Black Wood Qi Jian

299.90 USD
The Qi Jian, a re-creation of an ancient design.

The sword’s name originates with the Qi nation, one of the many warring states that eventually formed modern China. Legend has it that Feng-Xuan, one of the Qi people and a central character in a well known folk tale.

  • Balance point is well balanced according to international standards.
  • Half-Flexible Blade

Technical Data:

Overall Length: 102 cm

Length including Sheath: 110 cm

Blade length: 77 cm

Handle length: 25 cm

Blade material: high stainless steel

Sheath material: expensive black wood

Loaded with: copper

Other : handmade products can have a little size error (1-3 cm)

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