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High Quality Full Metal Stainless Steel Tai Chi Folding Jian

High Quality Full Metal Stainless Steel Tai Chi Folding Jian

69.90 USD
Full Stainless Steel folding sword! Sword bag included!
Avoid hand contact, flip to extend. For bringing the blade back inside push the top of the blade against a hard object.
Feels like a real taichi sword!

Your travel companion for tai chi sword! 

Specifications: 70cm / 72cm / 74cm / 76cm ​​/ 78cm all blade size (excluding the handle) stretching after a long 30cm, width of 2 cm blade tip at its widest point is 22cm handle about 3 cm Weight: 500 g weight retractable sword about Material: hilt, blade, sword caps, are pure stainless steel (not magnetic, magnets available test) Features: Special exquisite workmanship, the blade is very smooth, handle coated, slip does not hurt the hand, practicing fitness portable work: Made of stainless steel seamless steel blade made ​​by mold, no welds, no cracking, smooth and durable.

Please choose according to height with a sword size selection :( for reference) blade length 68 cm sword for 1.55 m blade length 70 cm sword for 1.60 m blade length 72 cm sword for 1.65 m blade length 74 cm sword for 1.70 m blade length 76 cm sword for 1.75 m blade length 78 cm sword for 1.75 m -1.80 m

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