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Jian Wang Miao Kung Fu Dao

Jian Wang Miao Kung Fu Dao

249.90 USD

While the miaodao is rarely practiced in modern Chinese martial arts, some schools of piguaquan and tongbeiquan (in the Guo Changsheng lineage) and xingyiquan train with the weapon. The miaodao is also often mistakenly claimed to have been one of the weapons taught at the Central Military Academy in Nanjing; the weapon in question was actually a European-style officer's saber, though some later schools may have based miaodao techniques on this form.

Technical data:

Blade material: high quality stainless steel 

Blade sheath: high-quality rosewood 

Loaded with: copper loaded with 

Full length: 142CM, handle length: 40CM, 

Blade length: 100CM, blade width: 3.9CM, 

Weight (excluding sheath) about 3 pounds

This sword is upper quality range.

Balance point and materials are therefore accordingly expensive and high standart

The sword is handmade and so the length can vary +2"/ -2" or +4cm/-4cm

Properties: stiff, blunt

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