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Special Damascus Hardened Tang Dynasty Jian

Special Damascus Hardened Tang Dynasty Jian

259.90 USD

‖ Specifications: Length 105cm blade 77cm wide 3.5cm Handle length 26cm Blade thickness 0.6cm whole weight 1.5KG not Lianqiao 1KG

‖ Blade material: steel pattern (not open edge products)

‖ Sheath material: fine wenge

‖ Structure: one steel crude steel handle 1.4--1.5CM (absolute strong and solid)

‖ Harness: hand-Copper

‖ Process: special blade swords traditional methods, the cast is made ​​of pure bracelet, blade-shaped clouds of fine grinding surface after presentation, texture clear, never get tired 
       of its scabbard finest materials glossy wenge very heavy and hard wear resistance is a rare craft timber. For copper exterior with a sword, made ​​by the hand-carved 
        is a rare collection

‖ Maintenance: daily needs Cayou maintenance, anti rust

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