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Stainless Gong Ying Qiang Spear

Stainless Gong Ying Qiang Spear

129.90 USD

Stainless Gong Ying Qiang Spear

Handforged product, size and look can slightly vary.

Specifications: [Full length of about 195 cm ] [blade length of about 23 cm 】 【blade width of about 4.2 cm]

The tube length [ 76cm  ​​] [tail pipe 80 cm diameter of about 2.5 cm]

[Weight of about 1.9 kg] [ tip weight of about 0.75 kg] [ the tube about 0.59 kg] [tail pipe 0 to about .53 kg ]

Blade material: steel grab head pattern [stainless steel gun hollow  alloy threaded fittings, ball end]

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