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Tai Chi Wellness stick (English) (with DVD) [Health Qigong (Taiji Stick)

Tai Chi Wellness stick (English) (with DVD) [Health Qigong (Taiji Stick)

25.90 USD

Health Qigong - Taiji Stick Health Preservation Exercises is a new set of exercises created by the Chinese Health Qigong Association. Embodying the concept of Taiji, which emphasizes the harmony of yin and yang, man and nature, this new set of exercises distills the essence of traditional stick practice, guides body movements and stick wielding, and coordinates directed breathing and imagination. The whole set of exercises is graceful, easy to learn, and suitable for people of all ages; and it helps cure diseases, improve health, and prolong life.

Author: State Sports General Administration Health Qigong Management Center

Publisher: Foreign Languages ​​Press

Publication Date: 2012-07-01



Page: 95

Revision: 1


Folio: 16

商品 标识: jd11087339

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