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Traditional Tang Dynasty Jian

Traditional Tang Dynasty Jian

199.90 USD

Sword style from Tang dynasty 唐 (618-907), was the second great dynasty of Chinese history that was able to unify a vast territory, to spread its culture to the surrounding countries and to absorb and adapt the cultures of surrounding states and peoples. A great part of the Tang aristocracy even was of non-Chinese, especiallyTurkish origin, and merchants from Inner Asia, like Sogdhians and Persians dwelled the quarters of the capital Chang'an 長安 (modern Xi'an 西安, Shaanxi). Offical and private trade was undertaken with many countries in the South East Asian archipelago. The religion of Buddhism spread, in its Chinese form, to Korea and Japan. But at the same time, Confucianism again rose as a semi-religious instrument of state doctrine, and was able to vanquish Buddhism in the last century of the Tang period. The Tang period is especially famous for its literary achievements in the field of poetry (shi poetry 詩).

This sword is upper quality range.

Balance point and materials are therefore accordingly expensive and high standart

Standard blade length (around 31" or 78cm)

The sword is handmade and so the length can vary +2"/ -2" or +4cm/-4cm

Properties: stiff, slightly sharpened

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